Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Porting Tools [CiderX/Wineskin2/CXex] (2011/ENG)

Porting Tools [CiderX/Wineskin2/CXex] (2011/ENG) | 815 MB

Wineskin - allows you to collect your engines, and amenable to setting up more than others. Through this port allows a sufficiently large number of games. But as a consequence it is usually not very stable. Games based on it (especially the latest games) can simply fly, and may contain the greatest number of problems.

CXZ, and his successor CXex - based on the engine with modifications from the Wine crossover (often have the same compatibility as the products of crossover games / office). Fairly stable, but quite slowly developing wrappers. Uses an external x11. Work on CXZ and CXex discontinued.

CiderX - commercial wrapper with closed source software, developed by transgaming. (Linuksoidov probably remember the product Cedega, which he founded) is one of the fastest and most customizable. Typically, for porting its pick out of the officially ported games. Uses its own X11.


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